My Cobweb Dilemma (Poem)

I always feel guilty when I have to remove a cobweb that some poor, diligent spider has spent hours spinning and weaving . . . anyone else feel like that?

Unfortunately, spiders are kind of stupid in their choice of home siting.  Anyone will tell you it’s all about “Location, Location, Location” but building your residence on a car mirror or door handle is asking for destruction.

I got to thinking how small and delicate spiders are compared to us ham-fisted, heavy footed giants.  It’s incredible that these tiny, flimsy creatures can scare the bejesus out of so many of us.  I let my thoughts flower, and as usual wrote some verse on the subject 🙂

Cobweb Dilemma

How easy it would be to decimate those tangled threads
clinging to forgotten places in a complex net that spreads
from A to B,


in shimmering anticipation
gravity defying structures, overdue of liberation

I’d purse my lips, expel a tiny stream of air, enough to shake
the old and dusty mass where spiders once held court ; I’d break
with merest touch

or brush or puff,

a casual gesture, just enough
to dissipate this empty nest,
deserted, fragile, over-stressed

No-one to judge or even know who razed the web with single blow
The parts that once held firm and tight

would yield to me without a fight
And yet the thought disturbs me such, I know it cannot be,
you see
I’m blown away by cobwebs, they’re not blown away by me.


Jilly Wright 2012 (ish)



9 thoughts on “My Cobweb Dilemma (Poem)

  1. The dilemma is real. So beautiful, so flimsy, yet so enduring! They just don’t find the right plots to build them: right above my desk…not appreciated. 😂
    Nice quicky thought!

  2. They move on, always move on, unlike us humans. We stay at the same place looking at the ruins expecting Troy to spring up from the ashes. We are the eternal hopefuls, nothing wrong with that, but being persistently progressive wouldn’t hurt. The spider has it’s life sorted.

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